Public Trust in Authoritarian and Democratizing Armies

With Renanah Miles Joyce Global trust in the military. -- Across much of the developing world, the military is the most trusted public institution, often by a wide margin. This vote of public confidence is surprising, given histories of civil-military tensions, armed conflict, and the weakness of formal institutions in many countries. Moreover, some militaries have enjoyed rapid and significant changes in public trust. Drawing on the literatures on institutions, public trust, and conflict, we develop two competing models of trust in the military—one that is oriented around the military’s performance in war and one that is oriented around the military’s role in society.

Origins of Coercive Institutions

Colonial origins of security forces in MENA.

Terrorism in Armed Conflict

Data project on the use of terrorism in civil war.

Soldiers and Societies in Revolt

Military organizational culture in the Arab Spring.

Trade-offs and Security Reform

Elite issue framing during democratic transitions.