Terrorism in Armed Conflict

Factions in civil conflicts regularly evoke Monty Python’s spoof of the distinction between the Judean People’s Front and the People’s Front of Judea (Jones 1979).

The Terrorism in Armed Conflict (TAC) project was developed to enable the study of terrorism within intrastate armed conflicts by uniting the most comprehensive available data sources from both research communities. TAC is led by Page Fortna (Columbia University) with Nick Lotito (Yale University) and Mike Rubin (University of Connecticut).

TAC brings together information from the most commonly used data set in the study of civil war, the Uppsala Conflict Data Project (UCDP) Dyadic Dataset and the most comprehensive event data set on terrorism, START’s Global Terrorism Database (GTD). The data set is designed to capture as much information as possible, and then to provide flexibility to the researcher to handle the uncertainty regarding assigning group responsibility to incidents.

Currently, TAC provides annual counts of the use of terrorism by 409 armed opposition groups in 166 intrastate conflicts in 96 countries from 1970-2013.

To access the data, visit our project page on GitHub.

Nick Lotito
Nick Lotito
Associate Research Scholar, School of Public and International Affairs

Researcher at Princeton University, where I teach in the School of Public and International Affairs and the Department of Politics.